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History of the Neel Reid Scholarship

University of Georgia, College of Environment & Design

In 1947, Peachtree Garden Club received the Garden Club of America Achievement Trophy for establishing the Neel Reid Scholarship at the University of Georgia. The Neel Reid Scholarship is a perpetual scholarship in Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA. The Scholarship was initiated in 1946 through the joint efforts of Mrs. Jesse Draper, a Peachtree Garden Club member, and Mr. Hunter Perry of Charlottesville, Virginia, to honor the memory of the distinguished Georgia architect, Neel Reid (both were personal friends of the architect). The intent of the Neel Reid Memorial Scholarship was to spread civic beauty and garden wisdom by providing the following: Tuition scholarships in landscape architecture, graduate assistantships; research projects; lectures by outstanding scholars; traveling fellowships; and promotion of the teaching and study of landscape architecture. 

Neel Reid's talents were devoted not only to architecture but to garden design, and his buildings and their place in the Georgia landscape are still serving as models and inspiration to students today. Neel Reid was a pioneer in the south in his treatment of house and garden as a unit, he considered each an ornamental and useful adjunct to the other. 

• The original goal of the scholarship was to furnish the tuition fee, which was $250 in 1947; as support for the Fund increased, the scholarship fund was able to cover the living expenses of a worthy, talented student. It was necessary to accumulate $7,000 in principal to assure this annual gift which was accomplished by means of club activities and donations from friends and former clients of Neel Reid. These gifts were solicited primarily by Mrs. Draper on behalf of the Garden Club. 

• May 1963, at the 35th Anniversary of the UGA Landscape Architecture Department, the Peachtree Garden Club established a Neel Reid Traveling Fellowship. 

• 1977, the Neel Reid Graduate Fellowship was established.

• 1999, an additional bequest to the Scholarship Fund by the Ermine and English Robinson Foundation made it possible to fund an annual visiting lecturer for the College. This lecturer is always a nationally recognized landscape architect, practitioner of conservation, or renowned garden designer, and the event is held to coincide with Spring UGA-CED Alumni Day and is known as the Neel Reid Lecture. 

Neel Reid Scholarships over the past 60 years have totaled over $800,000 and have benefited over 200 students. The Neel Reid Scholarship is the largest Scholarship in the College of Environment & Design.

The Scholarship Committee of the Peachtree Garden Club is comprised of a Chairman and nine members and the scholarships granted are only possible through the continued generosity of donors. 

Please submit your donations to:  
College of Environment and Design
Jennifer Messer
Director of Development
Jackson Street Building
Athens, GA 30602

T: 706-542-4727

(Application available at website: UGA CED BLA Financial Aid)

Background: The Peachtree Garden Club of Atlanta, GA, established the Neel Reid Memorial Scholarship Loan Fund in 1947, to honor acclaimed architect and garden designer, Neel Reid.

Purpose: To provide scholarships for undergraduate students in landscape architecture, who have completed their freshman year (entering year two of the BLA program at UGA) or to a more advanced year student, should no eligible candidate emerge from the freshman class.

General College of Environment & Design Submission Guidelines:

    1. Per CED, all applicants must have a University cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
    2. Be certain that all of the following items are furnished with your application: 
    3. The completed application form (found online)
    4. A current official UGA transcript
    5. A recent photograph (at least 2" x 3") or digital photo file (.jpg)
    6. Your statement of application or why you are applying, and why you are deserving. (Please note: This statement is a very important part of the committee's consideration.)
    7. Three letters of reference from LA professors (they may provide letters via online system)
    8. If applying for more than one Neel Reid award, a separate application should be submitted for each scholarship for which you apply.
    9. In order to be considered, all materials must be submitted in full, no later than 5:00PM on the 3rd Friday of February 
    10. Submit all application materials to:

Scholarship Committee

University of Georgia

College of Environment & Design

285 S. Jackson Street

Athens, GA 30602-1845

Conditions of CEC and the Neel Reid Scholarship:

  1. Georgia residency is preferred, but may be waived if the most eligible applicant is not a resident of the state.  Academic achievement, leadership, character, and financial need will also be taken into consideration in selecting the recipient.
  2. Award is made to BLA students entering at minimum their second year of study in the 5-year Landscape Architecture professional degree program. Award will commence fall term.
  3. Award to be used only by the recipient for tuition and living expenses while in school, and is paid in equal parts each term.'
  4. Awards will be announced by the Peachtree Garden Club once their Scholarship Committee has the opportunity to select applications from those qualified/submitted via CED's Scholarship Committee.
  5. Per CED, if the recipient fails to maintain a University cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above or drops out of school, remaining funds will be forfeited. Exceptions only as allowed by the Dean of the College.
  6. Recipient will be expected to attend one meeting of the Peachtree Garden Club in Atlanta to present his/her work, and provide suitable presentation materials as keepsake.
  7. Scholarship recipients are required to attend the Honors Night Ceremony. A letter of thanks must be submitted to the CED Development Director for review and approval. Upon acceptance students will be contacted from signature, and letters will be mailed.
  8. The College of Environment & Design and the Peachtree Garden Club reserve the right not to award any scholarship.